Air Filter Briggs Intek Powerbuilt 4243 5421 5428 590825 591334 594201 796031 John Deere D100 D105 D110 D120 D130 D140 D160 D170 E120 E130 E140 GY21435 MIU13038

R93,44 Including VAT


Air Filter for Briggs & Stratton Powerbuilt 13.5 – 19.5 hp & Intek 18 – 27hp engines – 591344, 796031 John Deere D & E series Tractors. Kawasaki: 49065-7007

p/n: A8R09-84

Description: Fits Briggs and Stratton Intek 13.5 Hp thru 19.5 Hp engines, model 31 engines 310000.  It will filter out dust and debris from the air that goes into the carburetor and the engine. This filter is made from pleated paper in a plastic frame.

Replaces OEM p/n:

  • Briggs & Stratton: 4243, 5421, 5428, 5428H, 5428K, 590825, 591334, 594201, 796031
  • John Deere: GY21435, MIU13038, MIU13963, MIU14395
  • Kawasaki: 49065-7007
  • MTD: BS-796031
  • Yard Man: BS-594201
  • Mospare: 43366
  • Turfmaster: A809-84

Fits Models:

  • Briggs & Stratton:
  • 31A507
  • 31A607
  • 31A677
  • 31A707
  • 31A807
  • 31C707
  • 31E577
  • 31E607
  • 31E677
  • 31E777
  • 31G777
  • John Deere:
  • 100
  • D100
  • D105
  • D110
  • D120
  • D130
  • D140
  • D160
  • D170
  • E100
  • E120
  • E130
  • E140
  • E150
  • L105
  • L107
  • L108
  • LA105
  • LA115
  • LA135
  • LA145 Tractor
  • S100
  • S120
  • S140
  • S160
  • Z225
  • Z235
  • Z255
  • Z335E
  • Z335M
  • Z345R
  • Z355R ZTrak Mower
  • Husqvarna:  YTA22V46 YTH22V46 YTH24V48 HU800awd Lawn Mower, Z246 Z254 YTH2348
  • Kawasaki: FR651V FR691V FR730V
  • Craftsman: LT2000
  • Yardman: 13AO785T055 mower
  • Troy Bilt: 13WN77KS011, 13WN77KS211 tractors


  • ID: 76 mm
  • OD: 127 mm
  • Height: 152 mm

Replacing this air cleaner cartridge is a simple task that does not require any tools.

• Remove the air cleaner cover
• Replace the air filter
• Secure the cover

Original Parts also available.
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Briggs and Stratton

31A507-0131-B1 Engine
31A507-0132-G5 Engine
31A507-0133-G1 Engine
31A507-0133-G5 Engine
31A507-0134-B1 Engine
31A507-0135-G1 Engine
31A507-0135-G5 Engine
31A507-0136-B1 Engine
31A507-0137-G5 Engine
31A507-0138-B1 Engine
31A507-0140-B1 Engine
31A507-0141-B1 Engine
31A507-0143-B1 Engine
31A507-0839-B1 Engine
31A507-0871-G1 Engine
31A507-0871-G5 Engine
31A507-1498-G1 Engine
31A507-1498-G5 Engine
31A507-1516-B1 Engine
31A507-1516-G5 Engine
31A507-2391-B1 Engine
31A507-2471-B1 Engine
31A507-3405-G1 Engine
31A507-3405-G5 Engine
31A507-4111-B1 Engine
31A507-4117-B1 Engine
31A507-4405-G1 Engine
31A507-4405-G5 Engine
31A607-3026-G5 Engine
31A607-3472-G5 Engine
31A607-3496-G1 Engine
31A607-3496-G5 Engine
31A607-4116-B1 Engine
31A607-4118-B1 Engine
31A607-4139-B1 Engine
31A677-0163-B1 Engine
31A607-0155-B1 Engine
31A607-0156-B1 Engine
31A607-0157-B1 Engine
31A607-0158-B1 Engine
31A607-0160-B1 Engine
31A607-0161-B1 Engine
31A607-0162-B1 Engine
31A607-0164-B1 Engine
31A607-0950-G5 Engine
31A607-0968-B1 Engine
31A607-2149-B1 Engine
31A607-2151-B1 Engine
31A607-2392-B1 Engine
31A607-2432-B1 Engine
31A607-2470-B1 Engine
31A707-0874-G1 Engine
31A707-0874-G5 Engine
31A707-2121-B1 Engine
31A707-2454-B1 Engine
31A807-0905-G5 Engine
31C707-0110-B1 Engine
31C707-0160-B1 Engine
31C707-0897-B1 Engine
31C707-2429-B1 Engine
31C707-2506-B2 Engine
31C707-2826-B1 Engine
31C707-3005-G5 Engine
31C707-3026-G5 Engine
31C707-3346-G1 Engine
31C707-3346-G2 Engine
31C707-3346-G5 Engine
31C707-3346-G6 Engine
31C707-3487-G1 Engine
31C707-3487-G5 Engine
31E507-0137-B1 Engine
31E577-0110-B1 Engine
31E577-0110-E1 Engine
31E577-0114-G1 Engine
31E577-0114-G5 Engine
31E577-0115-G5 Engine
31E577-0116-G5 Engine
31E577-0117-G5 Engine
31E577-0135-B1 Engine
31E577-0135-E1 Engine
31E577-0472-B1 Engine
31E577-1596-G5 Engine
31E607-2116-B1 Engine
31E607-4140-B1 Engine
31E677-0118-B1 Engine
31E677-0147-B1 Engine
31E677-2117-B1 Engine
31E677-2438-B1 Engine
31E677-2772-B1 Engine
31E677-4143-B1 Engine
31E777-1628-G5 Engine
31E777-2439-B1 Engine
31E777-3136-G1 Engine
31E777-3136-G5 Engine
31E777-4500-G5 Engine
31E777-0117-B1 Engine
31E777-0118-B1 Engine
31E777-0142-B1 Engine
31E777-0143-G5 Engine
31E777-0144-B1 Engine
31E777-1500-G1 Engine
31E777-1500-G5 Engine
31E777-1501-B1 Engine
31G707-0175-B1 Engine
31G707-3026-G5 Engine
31G777-0148-B1 Engine
31G777-0150-B1 Engine
31G777-0153-B1 Engine
31G777-0154-B1 Engine
31G777-0155-B1 Engine
31G777-0156-G1 Engine
31G777-0156-G5 Engine
31G777-0157-B1 Engine
31G777-0158-B1 Engine
31G777-0159-B1 Engine
31G777-0160-G5 Engine
31G777-0161-B1 Engine
31G777-0162-B1 Engine
31G777-0171-G5 Engine
31G777-0174-G5 Engine
31G777-0194-B1 Engine
31G777-0203-B1 Engine
31G777-0204-B1 Engine
31G777-0235-G1 Engine
31G777-0235-G5 Engine
31G777-0235-G6 Engine
31G777-0238-B1 Engine
31G777-0238-B2 Engine
31G777-0238-B5 Engine
31G777-0238-B6 Engine
31G777-0305-B1 Engine
31G777-0305-B2 Engine
31G777-1583-B1 Engine
31G777-1597-G5 Engine
31G777-2143-B1 Engine
31G777-2144-B1 Engine
31G777-2146-B1 Engine
31G777-2424-B1 Engine
31G777-2440-B1 Engine
31G777-3036-G5 Engine
31G777-3304-G1 Engine
31G777-3304-G5 Engine
31G777-4127-B1 Engine
31G777-4130-B1 Engine
31G777-4133-B1 Engine
31G777-4302-B1 Engine
31N607-0868-G1 Engine
31N607-0868-G5 Engine
31N607-3403-G5 Engine
31N707-0840-B1 Engine

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 23 × 16 × 16 cm