Air Filter Robin EH12-2 EH17 EY08D EY15 EY20 Engines

R115,00 Including VAT

Air Filter For Robin


Air Filter for Robin EH12-2, EH17 EY08D, EY15, EY20 Engines Subaru Makita –  226-32610-07 Cone

p/n: AAB141222

Description: Air Filter. Wire Mesh Supported Conical-Shaped Air Element with Foam Wrap

Replaces OEM p/n:

  • Robin / Subaru: 
  • 226-32610-07
  • 220-32600-08
  • 220-32601-07
  • 220-32602-07
  • 602512374
  • 226 32610 07
  • 220 32600 08
  • 220 32601 07
  • 220 32602 07
  • 2263261007
  • 2203260008
  • 2203260107
  • 2203260207
  • Makita:
  • Power Pro: 183R
  • Mospare: 33007 33037
  • Wisconsin: 2263261007, 226326100
  • Turfmaster: AAB141222

Fits Models:

  • Fits Robin / Subaru:
  • EY 08 D Engine,
  • EY 15 D Engine,
  • EH12-2 Engine
  • EH 17 Engine,
  • EY 20 Cyclone Type Engine,
  • WI-145, W1-145
  • WI-185, W1 185 Vertical 4.6hp Engine,
  • Power Pro:
  • 183R


  • OD: 50 mm to 96 mm
  • ID:  51.6 mm
  • One End Length: 55 mm

Subaru / Robin
EY080BN5020 Engine
EY080BN7231 Engine
EY080D40000 Engine
EY080D40010 Engine
EY080D44000 Engine
EY080D44020 Engine
EY080D60030 Engine
EY080D60170 Engine
EY080D60180 Engine
EY080D60211 Engine
EY080D60230 Engine
EY080D60270 Engine
EY080D60280 Engine
EY080D60290 Engine
EY080DD4020 Engine
EY080DD4050 Engine
EY080DD4090 Engine
EY080DD4100 Engine
EY080DD4110 Engine
EY080DD4130 Engine
EY080DD4140 Engine
EY080DD4150 Engine
EY080DD4170 Engine
EY080DD4180 Engine
EY080DD5420 Engine
EY080DD5430 Engine
EY080DD7071 Engine
EY080DD7260 Engine
EY150BB5150 Engine
EY150BB7130 Engine
EY150BB7270 Engine
EY150BB7390 Engine
EY150D10220 Engine
EY150D10330 Engine
EY150D10600 Engine
EY150D10800 Engine
EY150D11700 Engine
EY150D12020 Engine
EY150D20240 Engine
EY150D20350 Engine
EY150D20360 Engine
EY150D20370 Engine
EY150D20390 Engine
EY150D30320 Engine
EY150D30420 Engine
EY150D30440 Engine
EY150D3044S Engine
EY150D30470 Engine
EY150D30520 Engine
EY150D30530 Engine
EY150D40000 Engine
EY150D40010 Engine
EY150D40020 Engine
EY150D40040 Engine
EY150D40060 Engine
EY150D42000 Engine
EY150D42030 Engine
EY150D42050 Engine
EY150D42060 Engine
EY150D42070 Engine
EY150D42080 Engine
EY150D44000 Engine
EY150D44010 Engine
EY150D44020 Engine
EY150D44030 Engine
EY150D44040 Engine
EY150D44050 Engine
EY150D44060 Engine
EY150D44070 Engine
EY150D44080 Engine
EY150D44090 Engine
EY150D44101 Engine
EY150D44150 Engine
EY150D44160 Engine
EY150D44170 Engine
EY150D44180 Engine
EY150D44190 Engine
EY150D44200 Engine
EY150D44210 Engine
EY150D44240 Engine
EY150D44260 Engine
EY150D44280 Engine
EY150D44290 Engine
EY150D44300 Engine
EY150D44310 Engine
EY150D47020 Engine
EY150D47040 Engine
EY150D60010 Engine
EY150D60020 Engine
EY150D60030 Engine
EY150D60040 Engine
EY150D60050 Engine
EY150D60060 Engine
EY150D60070 Engine
EY150D60090 Engine
EY150D60120 Engine
EY150D60160 Engine
EY150D60170 Engine
EY150D60180 Engine
EY150D60230 Engine
EY150D60300 Engine
EY150D60330 Engine
EY150D60340 Engine
EY150D60350 Engine
EY150D60390 Engine
EY150D60430 Engine
EY150D60440 Engine
EY150D60450 Engine
EY150D60490 Engine
EY150D60500 Engine
EY150D60510 Engine
EY150D60550 Engine
EY150D60620 Engine
EY150D60650 Engine
EY150D60660 Engine
EY150D60670 Engine
EY150D60680 Engine
EY150DC0000 Engine
EY150DC0100 Engine
EY150DC0200 Engine
EY150DD0370 Engine
EY150DD0470 Engine
EY150DD4000 Engine
EY150DD4020 Engine
EY150DD4050 Engine
EY150DD4080 Engine
EY150DD4090 Engine
EY150DD4100 Engine
EY150DD4140 Engine
EY150DD4150 Engine
EY150DD4160 Engine
EY150DD4250 Engine
EY150DD4260 Engine
EY150DD4300 Engine
EY150DD4320 Engine
EY150DD4360 Engine
EY150DD4400 Engine
EY150DD4410 Engine
EY150DD4420 Engine
EY150DD4440 Engine
EY150DD4450 Engine
EY150DD4530 Engine
EY150DD4540 Engine
EY150DD5011 Engine
EY150DD5131 Engine
EY150DD5251 Engine
EY150DD5262 Engine
EY150DD5351 Engine
EY150DD5401 Engine
EY150DD5540 Engine


EW200R Water Pump
EW300R Water Pump

Additional information

Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 23 × 16 × 16 cm