Air Filter Robin EY28 EH25 EH30 EH34 EH41 234-32607-07 234-32603-07 234-32604-07 Yamaha MZ360 EW300TR Generator

R115,00 Including VAT

Air Filter For Robin


Air Filter for Robin / Subaru EY28, EH25, EH30, EH34, EH41 – 234-32607-07

p/n: AAB141221

Description: Conical-Shaped Air Element with Foam Wrap. Its purpose is to filter out dust and other contaminants from the air that goes through the unit, unfortunately, over time the material may wear out and get clogged eventually requiring a replacement.

Replaces OEM p/n:

  • Robin:
  • 708318
  • 7-08318
  • 2343260307
  • 2343260407
  • 234-32603-07
  • 234-32604-07
  • 2343260707
  • 234-32607-07
  • 014-4096
  • 234-32604-17
  • 234-32605-08
  • 234 32603 07
  • 234 32604 07
  • 234 32607 07
  • 014 4096
  • 234 32604 17
  • 234 32605 08
  • 234 36004 07
  • Subaru: 708318, 7-08318, 2343260307, 2343260407, 234-32603-07, 234-32604-07, 2343260707, 234-32607-07
  • Mospare: 33029
  • Turfamaster: AAB141221

Fits Models

  • Robin / Subaru:
  • EH 25 Engine,
  • EH 25-2 Engine,
  • EH 30 Engine
  • EH 300 Engine
  • EH 34 D Engine,
  • EH 41 (Cone Type) Engine,
  • EY 28 Engine.
  • Makita: EW300TR G3500R, G3510R, G3511R, G4100R, G4101R, G5710R, G5711R, G6100R, G6101R Generator, Genset
  • Yamaha: MZ360

Subaru / Robin

EY280D52290 Engine
EY280D522A0 Engine
EY280D52820 Engine
EY280D52910 Engine
EY280D54100 Engine
EY280D54110 Engine
EY280D54111 Engine
EY280D60010 Engine
EY280D60020 Engine
EY280D60050 Engine
EY280D61000 Engine
EY280D61100 Engine
EY280D64010 Engine
EY280D64020 Engine
EY280D64500 Engine
EY280D65000 Engine
EY280D65010 Engine
EY280D65050 Engine
EY280D65060 Engine
EY280D65070 Engine
EY280D65230 Engine
EY280D65260 Engine
EY280D65270 Engine
EY280D65280 Engine
EY280D652A0 Engine
EY280D65310 Engine
EY280D65320 Engine
EY280D65710 Engine
EY280D65720 Engine
EY280D65730 Engine
EY280D65750 Engine
EY280D65770 Engine
EY280B00110 Engine
EY280B00130 Engine
EY280B00140 Engine
EY280B04020 Engine
EY280B04050 Engine
EY280B11100 Engine
EY280B60020 Engine
EY280B70100 Engine
EY280B70150 Engine
EY280B70330 Engine
EY280B70340 Engine
EY280B70510 Engine
EY280B71000 Engine
EY280B71901 Engine
EY280B71911 Engine
EY280B71941 Engine
EY280B71950 Engine
EY280B72000 Engine
EY280B72110 Engine
EY280B72130 Engine
EY280BG1000 Engine
EY280BK0010 Engine
EY280BS7180 Engine
EY280BS7200 Engine
EY280BS7230 Engine
EY280BS7311 Engine
EY280BS7500 Engine
EY280BS7941 Engine
EY280BS7960 Engine
EY280D05020 Engine
EY280D06010 Engine
EY280D06020 Engine
EY280D06040 Engine
EY280D06041 Engine
EY280D06070 Engine
EY280D06090 Engine
EY280D1261S Engine
EY280D12620 Engine
EY280D12640 Engine
EY280D20520 Engine
EY280D20560 Engine
EY280D22710 Engine
EY280D22750 Engine
EY280D230LS Engine
EY280D23310 Engine
EY280D23320 Engine
EY280D23360 Engine
EY280D23370 Engine
EY280D23380 Engine
EY280D2347S Engine
EY280D23910 Engine
EY280D23940 Engine
EY280D23960 Engine
EY280D24220 Engine
EY280D29203 Engine
EY280D40051 Engine
EY280D40070 Engine
EY280D40080 Engine
EY280D41102 Engine
EY280D41530 Engine
EY280D41560 Engine
EY280D41601 Engine
EY280D41602 Engine
EY280D41910 Engine
EY280D45020 Engine
EY280D50420 Engine
EY280D50450 Engine
EY280D50620 Engine
EY280D50720 Engine
EY280D50750 Engine
EY280D50760 Engine
EY280D50910 Engine
EY280D50920 Engine
EY280D50930 Engine
EY280D50940 Engine
EY280D50950 Engine
EY280D50960 Engine
EY280D50970 Engine
EY280D52080 Engine
EY280D52090 Engine
EY280D52200 Engine
EY280D52210 Engine
EY280D52250 Engine
EY280D52270 Engine
EY280D52280 Engine
EY280DG7110 Engine
EY280DG7111 Engine
EY280DK0010 Engine
EY280DK1110 Engine
EY280DK1130 Engine
EY280DK2110 Engine
EY280DK2330 Engine
EY280DK5110 Engine
EY280DK5120 Engine
EY280DK5130 Engine
EY280DK5140 Engine
EY280DK5250 Engine
EY280DK5260 Engine
EY280DK5610 Engine
EY280DK5620 Engine
EY280DK5630 Engine
EY280DR4020 Engine
EY280DR4110 Engine
EY280DR4140 Engine
EY280DR6410 Engine
EY280DS0330 Engine
EY280DS0830 Engine
EY280DS24HS Engine
EY280DS2730 Engine
EY280DS52H0 Engine
EY280DS6010 Engine
EY280DS7400 Engine
EY280DS7500 Engine
EY280YD0040 Engine
EY280YD0500 Engine
EY280YD0710 Engine
EY280YD1050 Engine
EY280YD2000 Engine

Additional information

Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 23 × 16 × 16 cm