Carburettor Honda GX390 GX420 Engine 738520-SC 16100-ZF6-V01 16100-ZF6-V00 16100-ZF6-W3 16100-ZF2-V01 16100-ZF2-V00 Chinese Torx Hoffman Talon Power Pro Loncin Magnum Carb

R366,56 Including VAT

Carburettor For Honda GX390 GX420 16100-ZF6-V01


Carburetor for Honda GX390 GX420 Horizontal Engine – 16100-ZF6-V01 Torx Hoffman Power Pro 390cc 420cc


Description: Complete Carburetor to fit Honda engine model: GX390, GX 390; for 13 Hp engines, also fits GX420; for 16 Hp engines. The carburetor is used to send an air/fuel mixture to the engine’s combustion chamber. This carburetor is available as an individual replacement part, please see model diagram for associative parts.

Replaces OEM p/n:

  • Honda:
  • 738520-SC Replaces
  • 16100-ZF6-V01
  • 16100-ZF6-V00
  • 16100-ZF6-W3
  • 16100-ZF2-V01
  • 16100-ZF2-V00
  • 16100 ZF6 V01
  • 16100 ZF6 V00
  • 16100 ZF6 W3
  • 16100 ZF2 V01
  • 16100 ZF2 V00
  • Turfmaster: ACARHONGX390
  • Mospare: 03339

Fits Models:

  • Honda: GX390K1, GX390U1 13 hp engine GX420
  • Power Pro: CP390 Copy Honda GX390 Engine
  • Torx: XT390 Copy Honda GX390 Engine
  • Chinese: 190F Copy Honda GX390 Engine
  • Talon: Copy Honda GX390 Engine
  • Hoffman: Copy Honda GX390 Engine
  • Rato: Copy Honda GX390 Engine
  • Loncin: Copy Honda GX390 Engine
  • Sumec: Copy Honda GX390 Engine
  • Firman: Copy Honda GX390 Engine
  • Magnum: Copy Honda GX390 Engine
  • Turner Morris: Copy Honda GX390 Engine


  • Venturi size:
  • Choke side: 30.25mm
  • Throttle side: 26.94mm



Engines GX390K1 (Type HA2)

GX390K1 (Type PAE2)

GX390K1 (Type HA2A)

GX390K1 (Type QA2)

GX390K1 (Type QAA2)

GX390K1 (Type HJA2)

GX390K1 (Type LX2)

GX390K1 (Type QAE2)

GX390K1 (Type PA2)

GX390K1 (Type QH2)

GX390K1 (Type QKA2)

GX390K1 (Type QKB2)

GX390K1 (Type QKE2)

GX390K1 (Type QND)

GX390K1 (Type QNE2A)

GX390K1 (Type QNE2)

GX390K1 (Type QTR2)

GX390K1 (Type QNK)

GX390K1 (Type SWA4)

GX390K1 (Type QWA2)

GX390K1 (Type QNR2)

GX390K1 (Type SX2)

GX390K1 (Type SM32)

GX390K1 (Type SMX2)

GX390R1 (Type QWA2)

GX390R1 (Type PXM8)

GX390R1 (Type QKB2)

GX390R1 (Type QNB2)

GX390U1 (Type LKE)

GX390U1 (Type HA2)

GX390U1 (Type LXE8)

GX390U1 (Type PAE2)

GX390U1 (Type LX2)

GX390U1 (Type QA26)

GX390U1 (Type HJA2)

GX390U1 (Type LXQ4)

GX390U1 (Type LXE2)

GX390U1 (Type PXE8)

GX390U1 (Type QAW)

GX390U1 (Type QAA2)

GX390U1 (Type LXU)

GX390U1 (Type QK4)

GX390U1 (Type QME0)

GX390U1 (Type LXE4)

GX390U1 (Type PXU)

GX390U1 (Type QAE2)

GX390U1 (Type PA2)

GX390U1 (Type QNB2)

GX390U1 (Type QKA4)

GX390U1 (Type QNE6)

GX390U1 (Type QA2)

GX390U1 (Type QNK)

GX390U1 (Type QAE6)

GX390U1 (Type QND)

GX390U1 (Type QKB2)

GX390U1 (Type QNE8)

GX390U1 (Type QXB)

GX390U1 (Type QNR2)

GX390U1 (Type QE)

GX390U1 (Type QTR2)

GX390U1 (Type QNE2)

GX390U1 (Type QXB7)

GX390U1 (Type QNR6)

GX390U1 (Type QWA2)

GX390U1 (Type QXB9)

GX390U1 (Type QXE6)

GX390U1 (Type QXE9)

GX390U1 (Type QXE4)

GX390U1 (Type QXQ4)

GX390U1 (Type QXE7)

GX390U1 (Type SCK4)

GX390U1 (Type QXEB)

GX390U1 (Type SM34)

GX390U1 (Type QXQ7)

GX390U1 (Type SME6)

GX390U1 (Type QXE8)

GX390U1 (Type SHQ4)

GX390U1 (Type QXH9)

GX390U1 (Type STC4)

GX390U1 (Type SMC1)

GX390U1 (Type SXB7)

GX390U1 (Type SXE7)

GX390U1 (Type SMX2)

GX390U1 (Type SM32)

GX390U1 (Type SXEB)

GX390U1 (Type SWA4)

GX390U1 (Type SXB9)

GX390U1 (Type QXU)

GX390U1 (Type SXE8)

GX390U1 (Type SMX4)

GX390U1 (Type SXQ4)

GX390U1 (Type SME0)

GX390U1 (Type SXB)

GX390U1 (Type SXE4)

GX390U1 (Type SXE9)

GX390U1 (Type SXU)

Additional information

Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 11 cm