Clutch Drum Husky Tanaka Pro 52 55 Brush cutter

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Clutch Drum For Brush cutter 33cc 43cc 52cc Mitsubishi TL33 TL43 TL52 11014106 Chinese Ryobi Tandem Trimtech Lawnstar Red Rhino Wolf Husky Tanaka Power Pro


Clutch Drum for 33cc 43cc 52 cc Brushcutter Mitsubishi Copy TL33 TL43 TL52 T200 TB43, Tanaka, Power Pro, Brush Cutter 

p/n: TAN-PRO52B36

Replaces OEM p/n:

  • Mitsubishi: 11014106
  • Turfmaster: TAN-PRO52B36
  • Tanaka: TAN-PRO52B36
  • Power Pro: TAN-PRO52B36
  • Husky: TAN-PRO52B36
  • Stiletto: TAN-PRO52B36
  • Chinese: CG415D.1.1, 520-E36
  • Mospare: 02101

Fits Models:

  • Mitsubishi:  TL33, TL43, TL52, T180, T200, T240, TB43
  • Kawasaki: TJ35E, J400GX
  • Kaaz:  Treaded
  • Chinese: CG330H,  CG330, CG520
  • Power Pro: Pro 33 (36), Pro 43 (46), Pro 52 (55)
  • Briggs: Copy TL33, TL43, LT52
  • Rolux: Copy TL33, TL43, LT52
  • Wolf: Copy TL33, TL43, LT52
  • Husky: Copy TL33, TL43, LT52
  • Kasei: Copy TL33, TL43, LT52
  • Stiletto: Copy TL33, TL43, LT52
  • Ryobi: Copy TL33, TL43, LT52
  • Tandem: Copy TL33, TL43, LT52
  • Trimtech: Copy TL33, TL43, LT52
  • Rhino: Copy TL33, TL43, LT52
  • Talon: Copy TL33, TL43, LT52
  • Lawn Star: Copy TL33, TL43, LT52
  • Adendorf: Copy TL33, TL43, LT52
  • Fragram: Copy TL33, TL43, LT52
  • Glide: Copy TL33, TL43, LT52

Husky OEM Part.

Illustrations may differ slightly from original product and are not assembled, but in boxes for shipment.

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Weight 0,8 kg
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 11 cm