Falcon 1.5m HD Slasher 4 Blades F50/150/4 PTO

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Falcon F50/150-4 Heavy-Duty Slasher 1.5m 60″ PTO driven Tractor mounted mower –  4 Blades. Heavy duty mower for sports fields golf courses and tame areas.

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Falcon 1.5m Heavy Duty Slasher Tractor Mounted 60″ – F50/150/4 Bossiekapper

p/n: FAL-A0021/4
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A heavy duty slasher is for all grass-cutting and slashing operations, with different models having cutting widths from 1,2 m to 1,8 m. They are fitted with a locally manufactured F50 series gearbox.

USE: The Falcon Heavy-Duty Slasher range can be used with 35 – 90 kW tractors and is suitable for all grass-cutting and slashing work.

BENEFITS: All models have a standard off-set hitch, except the F60/300, which allows cutting up to boundary fences The RG slasher is specifically designed for use in orchards and the semi trailed F60/30


  • Cutting Width: 1500mm (150cm)  60″
  • Cutting Height: 10  to 140 mm
  • Blades: 4
  • Mass (kg):  437
  • Tractor (kw):  35 – 90
  • Gearbox: 50 Kw (F50)
  • Dimensions Length / Width (mm): 1710 – 1750
  • Slip Clutch: Standard

Falcon 1.5m HD Slasher 2 Blades F50/150 PTO

Warranty 1 year commercial  (subject to annual service).

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Weight 437 kg
Dimensions 152 × 152 × 142 cm