Go-Line 30 Sport Field Line Marking Machine

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Go-Line 30 Line Marking Machine


Go-Line 30 Sports Field Line Marking Machines


Description: Line Marking machine

Sport fields Introduction Go-Line Marking Systems are the efficient cost effective way to mark out lines on fields for all types of sports, including athletics tracks. Go-Line 30 Marking Machines are revolutionising the line marking industry. Hundreds of these machines have been sold over the years. The machines are transportable, robust and easy to use.

The Go-Line 30 Machine was the ARMSA Product of the year in 2010.

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  • Manufactured in South Africa, by South Africans, for South African conditions
  • Go-Line 30 is an Award winning machine Manufactured to ISO 90012008 standards
  • 28 L Marking Liquid Tank
  • 1.75L Wash Tank
  • Front Marking unit as standard Heavy duty pneumatic tyres
  • Heavy duty battery 12V 18 AH (8 hours spraying)
  • Charger Heavy duty 12v 5AMP AC
  • Adaptor Durable-very low maintenance costs
  • Fast and cost effective way to mark out fields

The Go Line is a battery-powered spray line marker that applies paint via a pump through a spray head and nozzle. Designed for use on natural grass surfaces like football pitches or rugby pitches. The Go-Line can also be used on hard surfaces like concrete, car parks or athletics tracks. Easily adjustable line width for 50, 75, 100, 120 or 150mm wide lines.

High pressure system for consistent paint application. Consistent application enables accurate costings per pitch to be made. Low impact on budget. Accessibility to all parts allowing easy maintenance. Robust chassis offering excellent stability. Choice of nozzles, either for a concentrate or a ready-to-use paint.

Dura Paint Marking Liquids Dura Paints is a market leader in line marking liquids and machines. Supplying the South African market (schools, stadia and advertising industry) for more than 20 years. New and improved 10 L packing with easy pour lid. Colours White, Blue, Yellow, Red, Orange and Black.

Pack size 10 L and 25L (White only) Line marking machines are great tools that you can invest in if you often find yourself having the need to apply line markings in your facility. Not only do they make line marking applications faster and more efficient, line marking machines also help you save up on costs by minimising paint wastage and reducing your labour requirements.

There are many benefits to using line marking machines. Below are some of them. Easier application-Most line marking machines come with rollers that are connected to paint tanks and are easily lugged around because they come with a set of wheels. All these make applying paint on surfaces easier compared to when doing it manually.

When using line marking machines, lines are clean and outlines are easier to follow. You wont have to worry about stray markings, curved lines and other application errors. Consistent colour- When painting manually, it can be hard for lines to achieve uniform colour and some areas will appear lighter or darker than the rest. Since line marking machines use paint rollers, the colour of lines is consistent. Efficient use of paint- Line marking machines are designed to use paint efficiently, helping you save paint supplies and reduce costs.

Made in RSA


  • Marking Liquid Tank:  28 L
  • Wash Tank Front Marking: 1.75 L
  • Wheels:  Heavy duty pneumatic tires
  • Battery: Heavy duty battery 12V 18 AH for extended marking
  • Spraying hours: 8 hours Approximately
  • Charger: Heavy duty 12v 5AMP AC adaptor
  • Manufactured: To ISO 9001-2015 Standards
  • Front marking unit: Standard
  • Optional: Side Marking Extension- allows line marking from either side of the machine

Warranty: 1 year commercial

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Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 88 × 58 × 47 cm