Husky 157R HD 56.5cc Heavy Duty Industrial Brush Cutter 2.5kw 3.5hp 2-Stroke

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Husky Brush Cutter 157R-11A-HD – 56.5cc / 2.5kw / 3.5hp


Husky 157R-11A-HD Heavy Duty Industrial Brush Cutter 56.5cc 2.5kw 3.5hp HD Shaft and Gearbox

p/n: HUS-157R-11A-HD


Powerful performance, rugged build-quality and superior handling are what mark-out this impressive Husky brush cutter.

Supplying a substantial 2.5kW (3.5hp) is a large-displacement 56.5cc Husky engine with the top-end technology for fuel-efficiency and emission-compliance with no cut in power-output.

An noise-reducing Lo-Tone muffler makes for a more pleasant and less stressful working-environment; while a dynamically balanced crankshaft means super-smooth operation with less wear and tear on crucial components.

The Husky 157R11 Brush cutter is equipped with a professional ‘cow horn’ handlebar that allows for a natural and comfortable lateral sweeping-motion of the cutter-head across the ground.

Contributing further to operator-comfort is a full shoulder-harness and effective vibration-damping measures.

Thanks to its large-diameter aluminium shaft (28mm), the Husky 157R11 will easily withstand accidental impact and offers inherent corrosion-resistance.


  • A pro-grade petrol brush cutter aimed at commercial gardeners and keen amateurs
  • Cutting-edge two-stroke air-cooled engine from Husky themselves
  • Technology keeps fuel-consumption and emissions down while maximising power
  • ‘Bike’-style double handlebar for the best possible control and maneuverability
  • Vibration-damping and shoulder-harness keep fatigue at bay throughout prolonged sessions
  • Strong and corrosion-resistant aluminium shaft
  • Grass-trimming head included


  • Model: Husky 157R-11A-HD
  • Engine Model: 157R-11A
  • Engine Type: Air-Cooled 2 stroke, ingle Cylinder Gasoline Engine
  • Displacement: 56.5cc
  • Bore & Stroke: 46 x 34
  • Max Horsepower kW/HP: 2.5 (3.5hp)
  • Max Horsepower rpm: 7500
  • Max Torque Nm: 3.60
  • Max Torque rpm: 5500
  • Carburetor Type: All-Position Diaphragm Carburetor with Priming Pump
  • Starter: Recoil
  • Ignition: Flywheel Magneto (Electric)
  • Fuel Mix Petrol and 2 Stroke Oil: 25~501 (251 Recommended)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity Liter: 1.000 Liter
  • Vibration Damper Clutch case: YES
  • Vibration Damper Handle: YES
  • Handle Type: Bike
  • Straight Shaft: YES
  • Weight (Dry):  8.3kg
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Additional information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 171 × 35 × 30 cm