BHusky TJ53 HD Brush Cutter 53.2cc Heavy Duty

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Husky TJ53 brush cutter is a rugged grass cutter designed for agricultural and horticultural use. The TJ53 grass trimmer is powered by a 53.2cc petrol engine.


Husky TJ53 Brush Cutter 2-Stroke 53.2cc Engine 2.2 kW with Extra Heavy Duty Shaft and Gearbox

Why use up to 52% or 76% more fuel? Change now to the Husky TJ53 with a fuel consumption of: 430 g/kW/hr.

Husqvarna 143R11:  653 g/Kw/hr. – 52% more

Stihl FS300: 757 g/Kw/hr. – 76% more

p/n: HUS-TJ53

Husky TJ53 is a rugged commercial grade grass cutter designed for heavy agricultural and horticultural use. Sturdy and incredibly potent, the TJ53 trimmer is powered by an industrious 53.2cc petrol engine.

Powered by a hardworking 53.2cc petrol engine, built with a fuel pump to ensure quick starting, the TJ53 is supplied as standard with a versatile cutting system featuring a alluminium cutting head and a tough metal grass blade.

The TJ53 is also reassuringly easy to service due to the inclusion of a standalone starter system which can be quickly removed to facilitate maintenance, while an effective air filtration system helps to further extend the TJ53’s service life. For even greater convenience, the TJ53 handlebars, which are held in place by a sturdy die-cast metal clamp, feature an asymmetrical design intended to increase maneuverability and ensure an optimal working position.

This boosts productivity and combines with the comfortable shoulder harness to help prevent any unnecessary strain during extended periods of use. All of this makes the TJ53 a machine perfect for commercial landscaping work and definitely rugged enough to get even the toughest job done.


  • Engine: Husky TJ53  2-Stroke Engine
  • Displacement: 53.2 cc
  • Specified Engine Power:  2.2 kW, 7500 rpm
  • Torque: 3 N-m/5500 rpm
  • Fuel Tank Volume: 1.1 L
  • Fuel Consumption: 430 g/kWh
  • Dry Weight: 10.5kg
  • Handle Type: Bullhorn (Bike)
  • Standard: Aluminium Head, Blade
  • Warranty: 1 year

Free Accessories Include:

  • Harness
  • Aluminium Head
  • 3 Tooth Blade
  • Toolkit
  • Mixing Bottle

Brush Cutter 53.2cc Husky TJ53 Heavy Duty

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 170 × 30 × 32 cm