John Deere Maintenance Kit LG276 D130 D140 S120

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John Deere LG276 Home Maintenance/ Filter/ Service Kit.


Original John Deere Maintenance/ Service Kit LG276 Fits D130 D140 S120 S140 Z235 Z225 Z335 Z245 Z355 Zero turn Mower Ride-on Lawn Tractor

p/n: JD-LG276

Description: John Deere Home Maintenance/ Filter/ Service Kit

Home Maintenance: (Includes Filters, Oil, and Spark Plug – Where Applicable (Actual Kit Contents May Differ from Photo)

Home Maintenance Kits | Lawn and Garden Parts | John Deere New Zealand

Replaces OEM p/n:

John Deere: LG276

Fits Models:

  • John Deere D130 (PC10444) Lawn Mower
  • D140 (PC10445) Lawn Mower
  • John Deere S120 (PC13990) Lawn Mower
  •  S140 (PC13992) Lawn Mower
  • John Deere X135R (PC11760) Lawn Mower
  • X146R (PC13347) Lawn Mower
  • John Deere X155R (PC10452) Lawn Mower
  •  X165 (PC10451) Lawn Mower
  • John Deere X166 (PC13345) Lawn Mower
  •  X166R (PC13348) Lawn Mower
  • John Deere Z235 (PC11641) Zero Turn
  • Z225 (PC11642) Zero Turn
  • John Deere Z335 (PC11642) Zero Turn
  • Z355E (PC12788) Zero Turn
  • John Deere Z335M (PC13089) Zero Turn
  • John Deere Z345M (PC13090) Zero Turn
  • Z345R (PC13091) Zero Turn
  • John Deere Z355E (PC12789) Zero Tur
  • John Deere Z355R (PC13092) Zero Turn


  • MIU14395 Air Filters (1)
  • AM116304 Fuel Filter (1)
  • AM125424 Oil Filter (1)
  • TY22029 Oil (2)
  • MIU11020 Spark Plug (2)
  • Oil Change Sticker

John Deere OEM Part.

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Weight 2,5 kg
Dimensions 27 × 25 × 20 cm