Multi Tool 5 in 1 33cc Power Pro MT33 Pole Saw

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Power Pro Multi Garden Tool – 32.6cc / 1.0kw / 1.33hp / 2-Stroke Engine. Nylon Head, Edge Cutter, Hedge cutter, Pole pruner (Chain Saw), Brush Cutter

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Power Pro Multi Garden Tool  MT33 – 32.6cc / 1.0kw / 1.33hp – 2-Stroke Engine


Supplied with:

1) Grass trimmer (Nylon Head):  255 mm, Nose sprocket 7 teeth
2) Edge Cutter:  95 mm Max Operating Depth
3) Hedge cutter:   390 mm Max cutting Diameter 25 mm
4) Pole pruner (Chain Saw):  250 mm
5) Brush Cutter:   Blade

Additional Options:

  • Cultivator
  • Coffee harvester head
  • Olive Shaker Harvester
  • Water Pump Head
  • Cleaner Head (Sweeper)

Keeping your garden in good shape can be a demanding job, especially if you don’t have the specialised tools required a hedge trimmer for dense shrubs, a grass trimmer for tidying borders, a brush cutter for clearing scrub, etc. But buying a complete set of dedicated tools is expensive and inconvenient for most gardeners, which is where our Power Pro Multi Garden Tool comes in.

A versatile multi-tool, the Pro Multi Tool is part of our Turfmaster range of tools which offer quality performance on a budget. Powered via a hardworking Power Pro 36, 32.6cc two-stroke petrol engine, the Power Pro Garden Multi Tool 9-in-1 multi-tool comes with five attachments so that you can take on a range of jobs around the garden. The line trimmer attachment is perfect for tidying after you’ve mowed the lawn, quickly trimming long grass and weeds in areas inaccessible to a conventional lawnmower. For tougher weeds and scrub, however, the sturdy metal brush cutter blade attachment provides plenty of cutting punch. The Power Pro Multi Garden Tools pole saw attachment, meanwhile, features a 25cm (10″) bar. This makes it easy to prune tree branches, saplings and other woody vegetation. Finally, with the 38cm hedge trimmer attachment, you’ll also be able to tidy hedgerows, shrubs, bushes and other tricky vegetation with superb efficiency. And an easy release quick connector mechanism makes switching between attachments reassuringly hassle-free.


Operator use is eased by the adjustable loop handle with stand off bar and single shoulder harness.
The attachments can be changed quickly and easily and the two-piece shaft allows for easy storage and transportation.
Warranty: One year domestic


  • Type: Multi Tool
  • Standard power: 1.0 (1.35 hp) 7000 kw per min
  • Engine Type: Air cooled, 2-cycle, vertical piston valve, gasoline engine
  • Displacement:  32.6 cc
  • Fuel tank capacity:  1 L
  • Carburetor:  Diaphragm
  • Power Transmission: Auto centrifugal clutch
  • Starting Method:  Recoil Start
  • Ignition: Non – contact electronic ignition spark
  • Idling Speed (r/min):  2500  (+- 150 – 400)
  • Clutch Speed (r/min):  3800 (+- 280)
  • Mixed Fuel ratio: 25:1
  • Max speed of gear shaft engine speed (min):   7000 / (9000)
  • Ear Noise A (Db): 98 Db
  • LxWxH (mm): Power Unit Only.

Multi Tool 5 in 1 Tanaka 33cc Chainsaw Pole Saw


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