NGK B6S Spark Plug Replaces Aspera Briggs Tecumseh Robin Kohler Autolite 294 Bosh W7E W7EC W7EP W8E W8EC W8BC W9ECO Champion J6C J8C Denso

R54,91 Including VAT



NGK B6S Spark Plug fits Bosch Aspera Briggs Tecumseh Robin 4-Stroke Kohler

Turfmaster p/n: PLB6S

Description: Spark Plug NGK B6S

Replaces OEM p/n:

  • NGK: B6S, 3510
  • Autolite: 294
  • Bosh: W7E, W7EC, W7EP, W8E, W8EC, W8BC, W9ECO
  • Champion: J6C, J8C
  • Denso:  W16-SU, W16-S-U, W20SU
  • Nippondenso: W16SU
  • Oregon: 77-351-1, O-K17C
  • Rocwood: G6

Fits Models

  • Aspera:
  • Briggs:
  • Tecumseh:
  • Robin 4-Stroke:
  • John Deere: 1000, 1100, 1400, 750 Generators
  • Kawasaki: GA 1000, GA1400, KG1100B Generators
  • Kohler: K12, K662, K7, L600, MBM25, MFM, MFM45, MFM65, MM25, MMV55, MV55 Generators
  • McCulloch: H1500, H2000, H3000, HP1200, HP2000, HP3000, HP3500, HP3500 Deluxe HP5000, HP5000, Mark I, Mark II, Mark III Generators

Details about NGK B6S:

  • Threaddiameter: 14mm
  • Threadreach: 9.5mm
  • Seattype: flat
  • Hexsize: 21mm
  • Tipconfiguration: non projected
  • Construction: Standard construction
  • Terminaltype: Removable

Suitable for the following applications:

  • Agria 5200
  • Agway 754
  • Atco Suffolk engines
  • Bolens Thrifty 3010, Bolens Swifty 3014
  • Case 1000 (Herc engines)
  • Caterpillar 800G, Caterpillar D1300
  • Fuji P306, Fuji P405, Fuji P406, Fuji P408
  • Fuji P502, Fuji P503
  • Fuji EC10
  • Fuji FA51
  • Fuji KE51, Fuji KH51
  • Genmac Tecnamotor engines
  • Gravely Kohler engines
  • Iseki KF24G-1
  • Iseki KF340, Iseki 341, Iseki 342, Iseki 344, Iseki 345, Iseki 346
  • Iseki KF411, Iseki 442, Iseki 444
  • Isuzu GX-10
  • Kohler 4.0HP K91, Kohler K101
  • Kohler 6.25HP K141
  • Kohler 7.0HP K161
  • Kohler 8.0HP K181
  • Kohler 24.0HP K662
  • Kohler K91, Kohler K141, Kohler K161, Kohler K181
  • Komatsu Zenoah FAG10
  • Komatsu Zenoah EB430
  • Komatsu Zenoah FBC33
  • Komatsu Zenoah FBC33
  • Lauson LP Gas (3/8″, 9.5mm Thread Reach) Ø14mm Plug
  • Lauson Petrol (3/8″, 9.5mm Thread Reach) Ø14mm Plug
  • Massey Ferguson All Models
  • Qualcast Atco engines
  • Stiga BA20
  • Stiga RA Dino 2T
  • Suffolk 75cc, Suffolk 98cc (Punch, Colt)
  • Tanaka (TAS Motor) EHC-20
  • Tanaka (TAS Motor) JEA-37
  • Tanaka (TAS Motor) QBM-23DX/N
  • Tanaka (TAS Motor) ME-233
  • Tanaka (TAS Motor) TCP
  • Tanaka (TAS Motor) AQB-381
  • Tanaka (TAS Motor) PCP-3 Type SD
  • Tanaka (TAS Motor) QCP-381
  • Tanaka (TAS Motor) TCP-38
  • Victa VK40, Victa LV22, Victa CV30 4-Stroke
  • Wacker HGG3/180/240
  • Westwood T1100 (B&S 11HP engine)
  • Westwood T1600 (B&S 16HP engine)
  • Wisconsin 03, Wisconsin 04, Wisconsin AC4, Wisconsin EY21W
  • Worthington DDGX Petrol
  • Yardman Tecumseh engines
  • NGK OEM Part

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NGK B6S replacement spark plugs

AC Delco 43
AC Delco 44
AC Delco B4021
AC Delco B43
AC Delco C42-1
AC Delco C421
AC Delco C43
AC Delco C44
AC Delco M44B
AC Delco M44C
AC Delco MB42K
AC Delco R44
AC Delco R45
AC Delco S44
AC Delco TC45
Accel 124
Autolite 294
Autolite 295
Autolite 3014
Autolite 303
Autolite 314
Autolite 315
Autolite 316
Autolite 316,3
Autolite 354
Autolite 355
Beru 14-7E
Beru 14S-7EU0
Beru 175/14/5
Beru Z267
Bosch 0241229580
Bosch 0241229720
Bosch 0241235594
Bosch W145T3
Bosch W175T3
Bosch W7E
Bosch W7EC
Bosch W7EP
Bosch W8E
Bosch W8EC
Bosch W9EC0
Bosch WR8EC
Bosch WR9EC
Bosch stk 7515
Bosch stk 7535
Brisk 1433
Brisk K17C
Champion 841
Champion H03
Champion J10
Champion J6
Champion J6C
Champion J6CT04
Champion J6J
Champion J7
Champion J7J
Champion J8
Champion J8C
Champion J8CT10
Champion J8J
Champion RJ6C
Champion UJ6
Champion UJ8
Champion stk 102
Champion stk 823
Champion stk 841
Denso 3075
Denso W16S-U
Denso W17
Denso W20S
Denso W20S-U

Denso W20SU
Denso stk 3075
Denso stk 5044
Enker FS70
Eyquem 500C
Eyquem 500CM
Eyquem 700CM
Eyquem 755CM
General Motors 5612567
General Motors 5613865
General Motors 5613871
Gutbrod 092.05.900
Harley Davidson 5
Hitachi 45W
Iskra FS70
Kioritz 159010-00130
Kubota 13401-6771-6
Kubota 13401-67716
Kubota 13403-67711
Lodge 2HA
Lodge CAN
Lodge HBAN
Magneti Marelli 062407122312
Magneti Marelli CW6C
Magneti Marelli CW6CJ
Magneti Marelli CW7C
Marchal Valeo 35C
Marchal Valeo 35CM
Mercruiser 33-813469
Mercruiser 33-823
Mercruiser 33-823S
Mercruiser 33-841C
Mercury 813469
Mighty M4-3
Mitsubishi MS 851 113
Mitsubishi MS851113
Mopar 4339491
Motorcraft A3
Motorcraft A3CU
Motorcraft A3X
Motorcraft A4
Motorcraft A42N
Motorcraft A5
Motorcraft A5CU
Motorcraft A5X
Motorcraft A7CX
Motorcraft AS4C
Motorcraft AS4CF4
Motorcraft AS8
Motorcraft AT3
Motorcraft AT4
Motorcraft AT4A
Motorcraft AT6
Motorcraft AZ3
Motorcraft stk 108
Motorcraft stk 76
Motorcraft stk 77
Napa X501
Napa X502
Napa X503
Napa X900
NGK stk 3510
OMC 509928
Oregon OK17C
PAL (Brisk) 14K-8
PAL (Brisk) K17C
Prestolite 14-03-01
Prestolite 14-2X
Prestolite 14-3
Prestolite 14-3X
Prestolite 14-4
Prestolite 14-5
Prestolite 14-5X
Prestolite 142X
Prestolite 143
Prestolite 143X
Prestolite 144
Prestolite 145
Prestolite 145X
Prestolite 14R8
Prestolite 40616
Prestolite 40647
Prestolite 40677
Splitfire SM029E
Splitfire SM030C
Subaru 89057-3400
Subaru 890573400
Suzuki 09482-00051
Tacti V91103075
Tanaka 018-02209
Tanaka 018-11107-200
Torch G6
Torch G6C
Torch H5
Toyota 90098-20276
Unipart GSP30


Additional information

Weight 0,2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 cm