Power Pro 800mm Walk Behind Sweeper with 2 Side Brushes

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Power Pro MS80 Walk Behind Floor Sweeper 800mm with 40 Liter Capacity & 2 x Side Brushes Home and contractor use shops and malls.


Power Pro MS80 Walk Behind Floor Sweeper 800mm with 40 Liter Capacity and 2 x Side Brushes

 p/n: POW-PRO-MS80

Suitable for maintaining any hard floor and ideal for removing dirt, dust and debris from large surface areas. Features four-brush system with two side brushes and two further brushes set underneath the unit to easily lift debris into the hopper. Fitted with tubular handle and adjustable castor wheel that raises the sweeper 20mm enabling larger pieces of debris to be swept up.

40 Liter Catcher No Electric, No Gas, No Battery, only push the handle, the paper, ash, cigarettes, leaves, stone, will be cleaned into the collect box designed in the sweeper. Pick up coarse dust including process waste material chips. Feature Sweeps up rubbish with minimum effort.

Works on a variety of surfaces: workshops, driveways, walkways, patios, store fronts, garages, pool side &amp carpet. Can also be used on wet surfaces.


  • The side brushes enable the sweeper to easily clean along edges of walls or shelving.
  • Main Cylindrical brush with neutral design to collect debris forward.
  • Large dirt-collector that can easily be emptied.
  • Main brush and side broom pressure adjustable without tool.
  • No strain on your back with an adjustable handle Compact for moving around confined areas.
  • Does not require an extension cord or power.
  • Lightweight for lifting and storage.
  • Weather-resistant plastic housing.
  • Step-climbing ability due to rear running wheels.
  • Pick up coarse dust including process waste material chips.
  • Handle adjustable.
  • Easily removable for manual discharge operations.
  • Pulley drive system for longer life
  • Easy to use – hand push operation
  • Warranty: 1 Year


  • Brand: Power Pro MS80
  • Type: Floor Sweeper
  • Drive: manual
  • Container capacity: 40Ltr.
  • Speed:  4 km/per hour
  • Area swept:  3200m2/hour
  • Operating width: 800mm (Working Width)
  • Suction: 3200 m @ 4 km per hour
  • Weight: 12.3 kg
  • Brushes:  2 x Rotary brushes (Side)
  • Replaceable rotating brushes: Yes
  • Adjustable broom height: Yes
  • Dimensions: 70 x 54 x 58 cm

Sweeper Floor 800mm Power Pro MS80 Walk Behind


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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 70 × 33 × 88 cm