Tanaka 48cc Brush Cutter with Honda GX50 4-stroke Engine

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The Tanaka GX55 Brush cutter is a reliable and powerful 4-stroke brush cutter that does away with the need to create a 2-stroke mix.


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Tanaka Heavy Duty 4-stroke Brush Cutter powered by 47.9cc Honda GX50 4 stroke engine, 1.47 kW

p/n: TAN-GX50-HD

The Tanaka GX55 Brush cutter is a reliable and powerful 4-stroke brush cutter that does away with the need to create a 2-stroke mix, so allowing you to fill the petrol tank directly with unleaded petrol.

The 4-stroke Honda GX50 engine is very easy to start and maintain whilst retaining the same power as a comparable 2-stroke engine.

The ergonomic and adjustable bike-type handlebars make this brush cutter comfortable to use, and by changing to different cuttings heads you can tailor this machine to suit the environment you are working in, so whether you are clearing allotments or tidying under the hedges the Tanaka GX50 is an efficient way to manage all your overgrown vegetation, now matter how small or large the area.

Innovative technologies on the Honda GX50 are of the latest generation; the mechanical components are made with high quality materials that guarantee excellent performances in difficult and stressful jobs.

Supplied with a bump-feed nylon line and a metal blade as standard, the Tanaka GX50 brush cutter can also be fitted with a range of other cutting heads to suit your requirements.

Free Accessories Include:

  • Harness
  • Aluminium Head
  • 2-Tooth Blade
  • Toolkit
  • Mixing Bottle

Engine features:

  • The world’s first 360° inclinable 4-stroke engine, for operation in any position
  • 4-stroke petrol engine HONDA GX 50 OHC 47.9 cc 1.47 kW 2.0 Hp, powerful, dynamic that ensures excellent performance with lower fuel consumption and reduced harmful gas emissions
  • The OHC design driven by a maintenance-free, low-noise timing belt, makes the engine more compact and light
  • Easy starting, low noise and superb acceleration
  • Primer pump which, pressed several times before ignition, frees the fuel lines from the air, ensuring greater engine starting
  • High quality materials add purpose-built components ensure reliable long-term use
  • Double handle with integrated operating controls: “On / Off” button, accelerator, safety lever
  • Meets world’s most stringent environmental legislation
  • Low fuel and oil consumption.
  • High rpm rate
  • High power output
  • Semi-transparent plastic petrol tank located under the engine body
  • Large and robust stone guard to protect the operator from stones and debris
  • Renowned Honda reliability
  • Powered by petrol, no need to prepare mixture
  • 50% lower consumption than 2-stroke engine
  • 70% less polluting emissions than 2-stroke engine
  • 30% noise reduction compared to 2-stroke models
  • 40% less vibration than 2-stroke models


  • Engine Type: 4-stroke single cylinder
  • Engine Brand: Honda GX50 OHC petrol engine
  • Bore x Stroke: 43 x 33 mm
  • Diaplacenment: 47.9 cm³
  • Compression Ratio: 8.0 : 1
  • Net Power: 1.47 kW ( 2.0 HP ) / 7000 rpm
  • Max. Net Torque: 2.2 Nm ( 0.22 kgfm ) / 5000 rpm
  • Ignition System: Transistorised
  • Starter: Recoil
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.63 Liter
  • Fuel Cons. at Net Power: 0.97 L/h 7000 rpm
  • Lubrication: Oil mist
  • Engine Oil Capacity: 0.13 Liter
  • Dry Weight Engine only: 4.13 kg

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