Tanaka Chainsaw Chain Lube Oil 5 Liter

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Tanaka Pro – Chainsaw Bar & Chain Cutter Bar oil Lubricant – 5 Liter for Stihl Husqvarna Husky Power Pro Ryobi Echo Tandem Red Rhino Lawn Star Talon etc.


Tanaka Pro – Chainsaw Bar and Chain Cutter Bar oil Lubricant – 5 Liter for Stihl Husqvarna Husky Stiletto Ryobi Echo etc.



Size: 5 Liter – 5000 ml – Bottle

Brand: Tanaka Pro

Chainsaw oil is a specially formulated mineral oil recommended for the lubrication of cutting chains, cutter bars and drive gears on hand-held chain saws.

Chainsaw oil contain superlative additive packs to ensure that adequate lubricants adhere to the rubbing surfaces of this total loss system. The exceptionally high viscosity index of chainsaw oil – which means that the product retains its viscometrics even at high operating temperatures – reduces fling-off and protects the components. Chainsaw oil is recommended for all makes of hand-held chain saws.

You can use our chainsaw oil in horticultural, agricultural and arboricultural circles


Chainsaw oil has:

  • Excellent lubrication;
  • Advanced non-throw performance
  • Super adhesive-cohesive properties;
  • Reduced Friction
  • Lower oil consumption;
  • Extended chain life;
  • Multi-use chain lubricant
  • Prevents wear and
  • Is cost effective  economical.
  • Longer chain life
  • Optimum chain performance
  • Extended maintenance intervals
  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased maintenance costs
  • Lower overall lubricant consumption and waste
  • Extra tacking agent to cling to the chain
  • Oil lubricates the chain and helps to keep dust down during operation.
  • High viscosity oil made from high-grade 100% virgin based oils.
  • Anti-fling properties to reduce wastage while chainsaw is in use.
  • Designed to keep you cutting for longer through extending the life of your bar and chain.
  • Formulated with virgin base stocks and a tackiness that reduces sling-off.
  • Used by thousands of tree surgeons nationwide.

Suitable for use on most chain saws and are blended brand new from virgin base oil. Keeping your chain saw well lubricated is crucial to prevent the build up of heat, we deliver this with our superb quality products.

Chain Lube Oil
Chain Lube Oil

Supplying quality chainsaw oil suitable for Alpina, Husquarna, Echo, John Deere, Jonsered, Komatsu, Makita, McCulloch Mac, Pioneer, Poulan, Tanaka, Shindaiwa, Stihl, Stiletto, Power Pro, Maruyama, Tandem, Trimtech, Wolf, Rolux, Red Rhino, Talon, Ryobi, Dolmar, Husky, Oregon, Mac Afric, Fragram, Wolf, Rolux

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