Tuffking 750 2-Speed Mower Stiletto EX420 9kW

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Kudu 750 lawn mower is a industrial heavy duty 2 speed lawnmower fitted with Stiletto EX420 engine with capacity of  420cc and producing 9 kW.

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Tuffking 750 Industrial Lawnmower with Stiletto EX420, 9 kW, 420cc

Due to the popularity of this product, please take note that there is a waiting period of ± 6-8 weeks. (from date of order)
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p/n: TUFF-T750-EX420

Tuffking 750 mower heavy duty industrial self-propelled 2-speed lawnmower.

Supplied with a 2-year chassis warranty.


  • ENGINE: Stilletto EX420, 9 kW, 420cc
  • CONSTRUCTION CHASSIS: Welded assembly, constructed with specially cold rolled 5 mm steel frame members.
  • CUTTER HOUSING: 3 mm formed plate, welded into one piece for unique strength and grass flow.
  • CUTTER ASSEMBLY: Bar blade; mounted on a 30 mm diameter, steel cutter shaft running on heavy duty, sealed ball bearings. Bearing housing has ‘anti-wind’ covers, both top and bottom.
  • TRANSMISSION TO CUTTER: Heavy duty ‘wedge’ section V-belt drive from engine crankshaft to cutter spindle.
  • WHEELS: V-belt drive from engine crankshaft to fully enclosed oil bath gearbox, incorporating hardened gears and shafts running on heavy duty ball bearings. Chain drive from gearbox to heavy duty differential mounted on 3 flanged ball bearings.
  • WHEEL DRIVE CLUTCH: ‘Over-center’ action belt tensioner clutch.
  • CUTTER DRIVE CLUTCH: ‘Over-center’ action to slide-mounted cutter housing.
  • FIBREGLASS COVER: Gives complete belt coverage. Easy removal – no bolts, only 4 rubber bonnet straps.
  • WHEELS REAR:  Solid rubber, 305 mm x 90 mm mounted on split, pressed steel rims, bolted to solid steel wheel hubs. FRONT Solid rubber with moulded-in steel bearing housing running on twin sealed ball bearings. Mounted in swivel wheel castors.
  • GEARBOX: 2-speed – 3,3 and 6 kph.
  • GEARBOX OIL: EP90 gear oil.
  • HEIGHT OF CUT: 12 mm – 75 mm. 4-position, adjusted by handlebar mounted lever.
  • WIDTH OF CUT: 750 mm
  • OVERALL WIDTH: 920 mm
  • OVERALL HEIGHT: 895 mm
  • MASS:  189 kg

NOTE All proportions are approximate.

Options: Pneumatic Balloon Rear Tyres 400 x 5 x 2 PR, for reduced wheel marking on fine lawn applications, or sandy conditions, (filled with ‘solid air’ filler).

Note The manufacturer reserves the right to alter specifications without prior notice and without obligation.

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Weight 180 kg
Dimensions 198 × 90 × 90 cm